Educational Rules

Educational Rules
Article 1)

The attendance of students in all hours of training is not compulsory, and any absence is beyond the legal limits.

Note 1: Absence is not allowed for lessons of less than 4 hours.

Note 2: For periods of more than 4 hours of absence, a maximum of one eighth of a period is acceptable.

Article 2)

The criterion for calculating the amount of absenteeism is the attendance list, which is completed by the instructor and confirmed by the training manager.

Article 3)

End-of-class tests can be theoretical, practical, or a combination of them (tailored to the content, type, and how to run the courses).

Article 4)

The following is a violation of the following by the learners in the training course and the company can prevent the continued presence of the offender in the course:

1) forgery and misrepresentation of documents related to training courses such as Letter of Introduction, Letter of Credit, Form of Attendance

2) Doing things that disrupt or interrupt the course

3) Executing administrative and educational practices and practices

4) Failure to observe the ethical standards and appearance cover appropriate to the administrative environment

Note: In the case of incidental abuses, the continued presence of the offender in the course of prevention and no certificate is given to them.

Article 5)

The following is a violation of the following by the learner in the coursework tests:

1) Use of pamphlets, books, notes and so on at the test session

2) Present to other people

3) Talk to the mobile during the test

4) Speak with other learners during the session

5) Failure to comply with the regulations and orders issued by the examiners

6) To conduct any interruptions or interruptions in the conduct of the test.

Note 1: Specific examinations, such as (Open Book), will govern the particular circumstances.

Note 2: In the case of incidental misconduct, the aforementioned student is denied in the course and the certificates are not issued to him.

Article 6)

Teachers are required to teach the content of the course, which is communicated from the management of education, and the teachers will be responsible for the content of the content that is stated in the classroom and outside the headlines.

Article 7)

Teachers are not permitted to remove or add names of learners to the attendance list without the knowledge and approval of the training manager.

Article 8)

In special circumstances, possible changes to the schedule of the course are considered by the training manager. Each training day, 8 training hours (each training period is 45 minutes of training and 15 minutes of rest), is applied according to the start and end times mentioned in the timetable. Teachers and learners are announced.

In certain circumstances, possible changes in the curriculum schedule are announced by the teaching management to the learner and the learner.

Article 9)

The management of the training is required to inform the learners about the regulations and educational regulations through the notice board.

Article 10)

The management of education is obliged to inform the teachers about the rules and regulations related to the instructor through the contract.