Description of the process of auditing overseas manufacturing units by inspection firms

Describe the audit process

The Institute of Advanced Industrial Systems is licensed to conduct an audit of overseas manufacturing units in the field of food and beverage production from the Food and Drug Administration, Food and Drink Administration, dated 20.2.98.

List of approved inspection and inspection companies for conducting overseas audits

Based on this license, the Industrial Design Systems Research Institute, in accordance with the «Executive Order on how to conduct overseas manufacturing audit of the manufacturing units abroad by the approved inspection company SP-Pr-1397-0038, ed. 01, dated 9/3/1388, and Date of revision 13/8/1397» All the legal requirements, current regulations and regulations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the country during the evaluation and audit of the manufacturing companies of the monitoring, audit and the Food and Drug Organization.

Purpose and scope

Describe the process of auditing food and drink producers in accordance with the "Executive Order of the Overseas Manufacturing Overseers Audit Instructions by the Certified Inspection Company SP-Pr-1397-0038, Rev. 01, dated 9/3/1388 and date Review 8/3/1397 »

Accepted standards

In accordance with paragraph 5 of the Food and Drug Administration's instructions, a manufacturing plant in the country of origin will be audited according to one of the following standards:

IFS (International Food Standard) (latest revision)

BRC (British Retail Consortium) (latest revision)

FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) (latest revision)

Standard Food Safety Management ISO 22000 (latest revision)

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

Standard SQF 2000 Level 2,3 (Safety Quality Food)

GMP-Codex Standard or ISO 22002-1 (latest revision)

Steps to do activities

The Applicant will receive the Application Form form from the link provided below, and after completing, signing and sealing, the original paper copy is sent to the Research Center.

The research institute will investigate the submitted information and, if it is able to conduct an audit, will officially submit its financial proposal to the applicant.

If the applicant agrees with the technical-financial proposal, the research institute will submit the contract to the applicant and the contract will be concluded and exchanged.

After the deposit of the audit fee by the applicant, the audit time is agreed upon.

The electronic version of the reports on the compliance of the requested product with the national standard / technical and health specifications of the Food and Drink Administration is accompanied by other documents of the quality management system deployed by the applicant company to the research institute.

Planning, spending, and executing visas (upon sending an audit team from Iran), accommodation and feeding of the audit team by the applicant and documentation to the research center.

After the audit and if there is a lack of vision, corrective actions are taken by the applicant and the documentation is sent to the research institute. If the corrective actions are accepted by the audit team, the audit report will be completed by the research institute and will be sent to the Food and Drug Administration.

Required Links
Application form Download
Instructions on how to conduct an audit Download