An Execution Method for Customers' Use of Certificates and Compliance Signs

1. Purpose
The purpose of this formulation is to ensure the proper use by the certified organization of the certificate and conformity mark (third party) issued by the Advanced Industrial Systems Research Institute (a special joint stock company).
2. Application scope
This implementation methodology includes all requirements and conditions for the use of Certified Customer Certification and Adaptive Signs, as determined by the Advanced Industrial Systems Research Institute (a special joint stock company).
3. Definitions and abbreviations

3.1. definitions

3.1.1. Third-party compliance mark

The trademark is issued by a third party responsible for assessing compliance and implies conformity to the conformity assessment (product, process, person, system or organization) with the specified requirements.

3.2. Abbreviations

3.2.1. Company

The name of the company is the Research Institute of Advanced Industrial Systems (special joint stock companies).

3.2.2. Certified organization

An organization that has been certified by the company after being audited by the company.

3.2.3. Compliance sign

The sign is third-party compliance.

4. Responsibility for implementation

4.1. Company Auditors

Investigating and overseeing the proper use by the certified organization of the certification and compliance mark during the audit and re-issuance

Ensure the elimination of the grounds for suspension (incorrect use of the certificate or compliance signs) through conducting an audit

Monitoring the suitability of a certified organization from certification and compliance markers through the annual collection of brochures, monitoring of the certified organization's Internet portal, and random sampling of products certified by the organization on the market

Informing and answering questions and uncertainties of certified organization customers

Informing the relevant governing bodies or major customers and contractors about the abuse of the certified organization of conformity marking and certification and eventually annulling the certificate to them

Collecting all necessary information regarding any abuse by the certified organization of compliance signs and certification.

Certified organization record file contains information about any abuse by the certified organization of compliance signs and certification in the decision committee.

Determine the topic of the topic of potential misuse by a certified organization of compliance or certification.

Deciding how to deal with the subject and presenting the appropriate action plan

4.2. Marketing and customer relationship expert

4.3. Deputy assessor

4.4. Decision committee

5. Performance description

5.1. General

When the audited entity succeeds in obtaining a conformity certificate, according to the items in the "Conformity Assessment Contracts Agreement" form to AIS-FRM-104, the "Application Review and Contracts Review" method is attached to the AIS-PRO Number -14 licenses license to use third-party conformity assessment and certification.

The company is required to submit the terms of the terms of use of the third-party compliance mark and the certification to ensure that the applicant organization does not misuse the certificate and conformity mark, by submitting the "audit / certification" procedure to the AIS-REG-03 simultaneously. By submitting a draft contract for "Conformity Assessment Services" to AIS-FRM-104, inform the applicant organization.

5.2. Terms of use of the conformance mark

5.2.1. Certified organization is obligated to observe the following while using the certificate and compliance signs:

Certified organizations can use the sign of conformity in letterheads, brochures, and online advertising.

If the scope of the certification does not include all products or services provided by the certified organization or does not include all the facilities and facilities of the organization, the product under the scope of the certification should not be presented in such a way that it appears that all products, The services, locations and facilities of the certified organization are covered by the certificate scope.

The certified organization should refrain from directly affixing the mark of conformity of the management system on the product or product packaging. In other words, it can be said that the signs of compliance of the management system should not be used in such a way that it is certified for customers of the organization, attributable to the presence of a product certificate ( Product Certification.

An accredited organization that has the right to use third-party compliance signs does not have the right to make any alterations, modifications or modifications to the signs of compliance. The only change that a certified organization is allowed to apply is the size of the conformance mark.

In this regard (resize the sign of conformity), the following points are necessary:

A) The sign of conformity must be completely transparent and legible;

B) the contents of the sign of conformity are maintained in full.

Since the sign of conformity is a credit number, this number is considered as part of the sign of compliance, and the certified organization can not delete the number of the credit, or summarize or change it.

The certified organization should not use the certificate or the conformance mark in a manner that would compromise the company's reputation.

The electronic version of certified organizations used in publicity or other purposes should not include any penny.

The sign of compliance should only be used by the certified organization and the right to use the certification or conformity markings can not be delegated to a person, entity, or other organization by a certified organization.

In the event that the scope of the certificate is reduced in accordance with the implementation of the "Compliance Assessment" to the AIS-PRO-13 number, the certified organization can not use the excluded scope.

If the conformity assessment or certification certificate of the certified organization is suspended or revoked by any company for any reason, in accordance with the "Compliance Assessment" implementation code AIS-PRO-13, the certified organization must provide all promotions related to the suspension certificate. Or canceled.

Laboratories certified by the company are not allowed to sign compliance management system in test or calibration report card on their own.

Inspection companies not certified by the company are not permitted to use the mark of compliance of the management system in the inspection reports sheet.

5.2.2. In order to assure the company of compliance with and compliance with the national standard ISO / IEC 17030, certified by the organization, the following should be observed by the certified organization:

In a systematic manner, it will monitor and monitor the use of the third-party compliance mark within your organization.

In the event of a lack of conformity associated with the use of the conformance signs, design appropriate corrective actions and after obtaining approval from the company, apply the report of the measures taken and provide the results of the control of the effectiveness of corrective actions to the company.

If there are complaints about using the certified organization of the compliance mark, keep all records and keep them available to provide the company.

5.3. Monitoring and monitoring the use of a third-party certification and marking

The correct use of the certificate and the sign of conformity is a legal matter monitored and monitored by the company through various means:

A) The collection of evidence at the time of caretaking audits or audit of the reissue of the certificate

In order to ensure the proper use of the conformity markings by a certified organization, auditors (investigators and auditors) are collecting evidence during the performance of the audit or re-issuing audit.

B) annual review and monitoring

In order to ensure proper application of the conformity markings by a certified organization, the marketing and customer relationship expert will review and monitor the year as follows:

1. Sample certified products at market level

2. Check brochures, catalogs, banner ads

3. Review the information contained on the website

C) Receive reports and comments from other stakeholders

Certified organization stakeholders, including customers, government agencies, etc., may, in the event of ambiguity regarding the use of the certificate and the conformity markings by the certified organization, submit their reports and information, which, according to the material provided in Above, the company is obliged to follow up and take action (if necessary).

5.4. Incorrect use of certification and compliance signs

In the event that the audit engagement during the monitoring and monitoring of the use of the certified organization of the conformity mark or certificate ensures that that organization has made improper use, the incorrect or misleading claim of the conformity mark or certificate, the subject for decision Referring to the evaluation vice president.

The assessor is obliged to submit all necessary information regarding the subject within the time limit of 7 working days after informing him about the matter and submit it to the decision-making committee for the plan and make a decision as to how An encounter with a certified organization should be made in the decision committee.

The company's decision-making committee, in conjunction with any abuse of the third-party conformity marking, creates and enforces a design based on the subject matter. This plan could include:

A) suspension of the certificate

If the information gathered by the assessor indicates that the organization is inadvertent or partly abusive from the certificate or the conformity marks, the company may, until the elimination of this, comply with the "conformity assessment" implementation procedure to AIS-PRO-13. Abuse of the suspension of the certificate.

In this regard, the Certified Authority is required to issue the AIS-REG-03 as soon as possible in accordance with the "Audit / Certification" Regulations in relation to suspension of the suspension.

Ensure the removal of the grounds for suspension (incorrect use of the certificate or conformity markings) will only be obtained by conducting an audit according to the compliance assessment method of AIS-PRO-13.

B) revocation of the certificate

If the information gathered by the Evaluation Assistant indicates intentional misconduct (abuse) or repetition of the inadvertent or inadequate misuse of the organization certified by the certificate and compliance signs, the company shall, in accordance with the "Compliance Assessment" implementation method, refer to AIS- The PRO-13 will be subject to a revocation of the certification.

C) Other legal measures if necessary

In case of misuse of the signs of conformity and certification by an entity not party to the contract, the necessary legal measures (for example, a complaint to the courts) are placed on the agenda of the company.

It should be noted that any of the above mentioned issues is determined and implemented through the topic design in the decision-making committee in accordance with the executive method of "decision-making process management" to AIS-PRO-15.

6. References

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7. Attachment

Attachment 1- The "Table of Management Compliance Signs Table" form is assigned to the AIS-FRM-110 code The

Attachment 2- Form "Certificate of Compliance Quality Management System" to AIS-FRM-185 Form