Introduction and History of Advanced Industrial Systems Company

Advanced Industrial Systems company(PJS), after 22 years of working, by updating the approach and the subjects of services, has redesigned its services in accordance with the new framework since 2012. The fields of the company now include:

1) Standardization

2) Audit and certification of management systems (quality, safety, environment, energy, etc.) and promote the deployment of these systems.

3) Inspection and verification of products

4) Providing educational services

The company's strategy from the very beginning was to keep its headquarters tight and to expand the network of specialists in the field of company missions. The implementation of this strategy has led to a significant reduction in costs, the possibility of using the services of specialist personnel.


By providing superior and distinct services in the field of education, the company has been able to take a position as a key organization in providing knowledge and related executive solutions in various business areas through courses and workshops.

The growing movement of Iranian organizations, rapid changes in environment and technology and increasing competitiveness at the national and international level in recent years has increased the need for organizations to empower its personnel, more than before. Most organizations are looking for trainings that in addition to the transfer of relevant theory concepts, can provide the concepts fully applied to their personnel, so that trained people can implement their learned and contribute to the improvement of the Organization's performance. Accordingly, the company has targeted training courses in order to increase the potential of organizations and develop new and applied skills for the participants. Being up-to-date, diversity, applicability and efforts to cover all the educational needs of our customers is the first and fundamental priority of our educational services.

The training management of the company is responsible for planning, preparing and holding training courses tailored to customers' needs. With the aim of providing better educational services, the content of all general and specialized courses, focusing on the needs of customers and using the most up-to-date scientific topics, is developed by instructors and industry and university professionals. The instructors of this company are among the first-level teachers of the country and the cooperation of professors such as Professor Heidari (the father of the science of Iran's trade negotiations), Professor Al-Hayan (teacher and author of numerous books and reference in the field of labor law and social security), shows the confidence of the first level professors to this company and confirms the credibility of the company's training courses.

Variety of fields covered by training courses is another advantage of the company so that companies and individuals can meet all their training needs, while respecting the integrity of time and quality through the company.

The company, while respecting the most prestigious international standards, has been working to increase and improve customer satisfaction with cost management in such a way that the price offered to customers in equal qualitative terms is far less than the prices of the best educational institutions in the country. .

Credits and Licenses:

1- Obtaining a license (No. 84169 dated 07 June 2014) from the National Iranian Standard Organization to hold training courses in:

Standard development

Management systems

Quality techniques

Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Industries - Chemical and Polymer Industries - Mechanical and Metalology

With a score of 895 (out of 1000) and first rank at the national level.

Dear customers, through the National Standard Organization website at under the "Office of Education & in the "Department of Education and Promotion/confirmation of training Centers of peer/peer training centers", the company is considered as the holder of this credit.

2. Obtaining a license for radiation protection courses (No. 305/799/16-م dated 25 April 2015) from Iran Nuclear Regulatory Authority center at National Level; in the following subjects:

The preliminary Radiation Protection Course for Nuclear Facilities.

The Preliminary Radiation Protection Course for medical Centers

Radiation Protection Course for Laser Centers

Dear customers, through the Iran Nuclear Regulatory Authority center website at in the "Approved Companies / Legal Centers / Centers licensed to hold radiation protection training courses", the company is considered as the holder of this license.

special services:

Considering that the training activities are in direct and complete interaction with customers; it is necessary to have a proper policy in order to get more and more customer satisfaction. In this regard, the training department has made the following rules:

1- Possibility of personalization training course topics

2- Possibility of reviewing the lecturers resume (for corporation representatives) before registration or holding exclusive courses

3- Receiving suggestions from learners during and after courses and provide feedback to customers

4- Possibility of presenting the course report and summarizing the survey of the learners for the company's exclusive courses

Dear customers, you can continually view the company's training activities through the company's home page. The number of people-hours of educational services provided and the number of participants who have used the company's educational services show the great acceptance of companies and learners of the company's educational services.

In order to customers welfare, this company has been through the same website to create online registration conditions and payment of tuition in two ways; "1- Online payment, 2- Bank payment service" and adding the payment form image to the online registration information.

Dear Customers, You can also access information on the Website through the Education Services Portal, including a list of admissions courses, educational calendar and educational regulations. Receiving a variety of services, such as inquiries about the validity of certificates of education, the requirement to reissue the certificate of education, the request for booklets for training courses, the application for the course and registration in the course is also provided through the same port for the customers.

Dear Customer, by submitting your feedback, you will help us improve the quality of services.