Product Conformity Certificate Schemes

Conformity assessment activities in the framework of product conformity assessment plans Types of conformity assessment schemes
Scheme 1-a Scheme 1-b Plan 5
Selection step Includes planning and preparation activities, specifying requirements, for example documentation containing requirements, and sampling
Feature determination step A) Sampling
B) Test
C) Inspection of the production line
D) Review of technical documents and legal documents
E) Quality management system audit
Review stage Review, examining the evidence of compliance obtained during the determination phase to determine whether the specified requirements have been met.
Decision stage Deciding whether to issue a letter of conformity
Conformity verification step Issuance of declaration of conformity
Issuance of product conformity assessment report
Design type 1 - a
In this plan, "determination" activities are performed on one or more product samples. A certificate of conformity or any other declaration of conformity (for example, in the form of a letter) is issued regarding the type of product, which describes the characteristics of the product in the certificate or a document referred to in the certificate. Subsequently produced items are not covered by the certification of conformity performed by the certifying body. The samples represent the next items produced, which can be referred to by the manufacturer as products that have been produced in accordance with the certified type. The certifying body may grant the manufacturer the right to use the type-certificate or any other declaration of conformity (for example, a letter) as a basis for the manufacturer to declare that the subsequent items produced comply with the specified requirements.
Design type 1 - b
This type of design requires certification of all product production following the "selection" and "determination" activities as specified in the design. A proportion of the total interest items to be tested, which can include testing all items in the production interest (100% test), for example based on the homogeneity of the items in the interest and, if necessary, the application of a sampling design. If the product of the "determination ", "review " and "decision-making " operations is positive, all items in the interest may be considered as certified, and if the certification design specifies the mark of conformity Insert on them.
Type 5 design
The "Review" section of this plan considers the possibility of choosing between periodic product sampling either from the production line or from the market or from both and performing "determination" activities on them to examine the items produced, following confirmation of initial compliance, requirements. Meet the specified. "Review" includes periodic evaluations of the production process or management system audits, or both. The scope of the four "Review" activities may vary for the situation as defined in the certification scheme. If the "Review" includes an initial audit of the management system required.