Introducing the unit

The Technical Inspection Unit was established in 1996 to assess the conformity of products. Product conformity assessment is performed as follows:

First, the product documentation and instructions are reviewed. These documents are determined based on the product standards and certification design (for information on product certification designs,Click Here). After reviewing the documents, product tests are performed according to the desired standard. If customers are able to perform the tests listed in the standard, the product will be evaluated at the customer's location. It should be noted that before performing the tests, the customer's ability to perform the tests is validated. If the customer does not have the necessary equipment and facilities to perform the tests, he can perform the product tests under the supervision of the evaluation team with the help of the partner laboratories of this unit.

If the customer intends to receive the design plan certificate, after the tests, the evaluation is completed and the test report is issued. Finally, after the approval of the decision-making committee, a type 1 certificate is issued for the desired product / products.

If the customer intends to obtain the plan 5 certification, after performing the tests, the quality management system audit and inspection of the production process will be performed. Quality management system audit for customers who have a valid quality management system certification, is done quickly and only some of the clauses of quality management system standards are reviewed and its implementation is ensured. This audit is performed in full for other customers who do not have a valid certificate.

To ensure that all manufactured products comply with the standards, the production process is inspected. In the production process inspection, all stages of production, including input controls, during production and final, are examined.

At the end, all evaluation documents and records are reviewed and after the approval of the decision-making committee, a type 5 certificate with a validity of three years is issued to the customer.

Flowchart of product conformity assessment steps can be found inHereSee.