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In order to complete its manpower, the company invites full-time staff to work with the following conditions as a matter of conscripts and undergraduate or postgraduate graduates of universities. Applicants can address their resume send.

Prerequisites for recruitment

  • Included in the duty system (failure to receive the dispatch booklet or at least 4 months dispatch deadline)
  • Resident of Tehran
  • GPA above 15
  • English proficiency

Basic conditions for attracting office staff

  • Gender: Man
  • Education: Maximum bachelor's degree
  • Work experience: At least 2 years
  • Skills: Complete mastery of the Office suite
  • Location: Tehran

The result of reviewing resumes will be notified to applicants via email. Accordingly, applicants are required to refrain from any follow-up.

Field Orientation Power status
Computer Software - Information Technology Full-time
Office Staff All Orientation Full-time
کارشناس مالی حسابداری Full-time
کارشناس منابع انسانی All Orientation Full-time
Nuclear Engineering Application of Beams - Medical Beam - Reactor - Medical Engineering Conscript
Industrial Engineering All Orientation Conscript
Electrical Engineering All Orientation Conscript